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May 18, 2024

Azerbaijanis Who Design

Design & Development of directory Azerbaijani Designers

This platform highlights the work and talent of Azerbaijani designers, inspiring new talents, diversifying networks for experienced designers, and connecting companies with hidden talents

Disciplines / Role
Branding, Design, Interaction, Development

Personal Project

Design, Creativity

Winter, 2022

Baku, Azerbaijan

How I started Azerbaijanis Who Designs

In the winter of 2021, I got an idea to build a directory of Azerbaijani designers, inspired by other similar projects.

In January, I designed, built, and launched the platform with an easily navigable interface.

Design approach

I drew inspiration from editorial design and blended it with a paper-style approach, using a range of subtle and pale, multicolored hues

Structure and features

The main feature of the platform is the homepage, where all the onboarded designers are displayed.

By clicking on a specific designer's profile, you can access a section with detailed information about that designer. Each designer also has a unique profile link for easy sharing

Board of designers
Designer profile
Search for designer
Mobile versions


Making the logo as a carpet pattern with an eye in the center I wanted to convey the heritage of Azerbaijani carpet designers.

As the brand is about designers and every designer has an artistic eye (also called the third eye, seeing from a different perspective) I set the eye in the center of the carpet pattern

Promo Video

Detailed explanation of who can be get listed

Story Posters

Social Carousel Posts

Posts dedicated to the boarded designers


The website was developed using Nuxt.js (Vue.js), Tailwind CSS, and uses an Airtable database for managing content

I store images on Cloudinary, collect designer data through Tally forms, and automate tasks with Zapier

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